Denver is the #11 city for Movember in the US for 2011!

I recently received notification from the guys at Movember HQ stating that Denver Movember was the #11 city for Movember USA in 2011.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year and for all the help that we received in organizing, holding events, and raising funds.  It was an amazing year for DNVRMO and we can’t wait to start up again in 2012.

How to be involved in 2012:

  1. Sign up for our Newsletter and get notified of cool events in the Denver area for Movember
  2. Send us a message in the contact form about how you could help
  3. Build a team
  4. Sign up on (when 2012 registration is live)
  5. Hit up DNVRMO on Facebook and Twitter:
    1. Follow:!/denvermovember
    2. Like:
  6. Hit up Movember on Facebook and Twitter
    1. Follow:!/movember
    2. Like: